Lafayette Business Merger Lawyers

A merger or acquisition can be a favorable growth strategy for a company, but it is not without risks. Prior to and during a merger or acquisition, there are numerous potential issues, both from a legal and business standpoint, that can greatly complicate such an endeavor. It is imperative that any company considering a merger or acquisition works with lawyers who are adept at guiding a company through these potential hazards.

At Becker & Hebert, LLC, our law firm has substantive experience representing companies in these exceedingly complex transactions. Our law firm has played an integral part in all types of mergers, ranging from mergers involving hundreds of millions of dollars to far smaller transactions. The majority of our practice in this field involves working with privately held companies.

Attorneys Richard Becker and Jeremy Hebert of our firm have both guided businesses of all sizes through the process. We can address the many different issues associated with a merger or acquisition, including:

  • Financing
  • Leases
  • Sale or purchase of real estate
  • Environmental issues
  • Dealing with minority interests who may be opposed to a merger or acquisition

Our Lafayette business merger attorneys will provide constructive guidance throughout the transaction, helping our clients understand the possible risks and implications associated with each part of the merger or acquisition. Our experience and knowledge have played a crucial role in facilitating these transactions for numerous companies across Louisiana.

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