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Disputes between companies or within a company can never be fully avoided. The way in which these disputes are managed, however, can make a significant impact in a company's immediate and long-term outlook. Skilled legal counsel can help your company maximize the likelihood of achieving its various objectives.

For years, businesses throughout Louisiana have depended on Becker & Hebert, LLC, for strategic guidance and vigorous advocacy. Based in Lafayette, our business law attorneys have represented businesses in a number of industries, including commercial real estate developers, real estate title insurance companies, restaurants, hotels, banks, health care facilities and other companies. Our law firm prosecutes and defends a broad spectrum of claims, and it has both the legal and business savvy necessary to protect your interests.

An Instinctive Understanding Of Our Clients' Objectives

Our lawyers bring many decades of collective experience to our various areas of practice. We instinctively understand the importance of creating solutions that achieve our clients' legal and business goals. Therefore, we strive to resolve business disputes through mediation, arbitration or informal settlement negotiations whenever practicable. These methods of dispute resolution give parties far more control over the eventual outcome of a dispute and are generally far less costly than trial.

Of course, if trial is the most effective means of resolving your specific issue, our law firm has the trial experience necessary to make a compelling case. However your company's dispute is eventually resolved; you can rely on our firm to create solutions tailored to your various goals.

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